In the Irkutsk region during the day, extinguished six wildfires

© RIA Novosti . Anton Balasanova with wildfires in Russia. Archival photoIn the Irkutsk region during the day, extinguished six wildfires© RIA Novosti . Anton Balashov

Liquidated six fires on forest lands in Irkutsk region on Monday, five of them newly discovered, reported the press service of the regional government.

«(Five of the detected fires) one in Irkutsk, Usolsky, Ust-Udinsky, Chunskiy, and Tulunsky districts. There the fire passed 17.5 hectares covered by forest, and four non-forest hectares. Also earlier it was extinguished the fire area of 23 hectares are covered with forest and non-forest 53 acres in the Alara area. In the localized state at the current day has passed one fire on eight acres,» — said the press service.

Only to the detection and suppression of forest fires may 15, attracted 97 people and 30 pieces of ground equipment.

As of may 16, in 13 districts of the region set emergency fifth class of fire danger.