Kyiv introduces anti-dumping duties on the import of certain Russian fertilizer

© RIA Novosti / Stringreplace in fotobanka the Kiev city administration. Archival photoKyiv introduces anti-dumping duties on the import of certain Russian fertilizer© RIA Novosti / Stringreplace the image Bank

Ukraine introduces antidumping duties on imports of two types of Russian nitrogen fertilizers, according to the Ministry of economic development and trade of Ukraine.

It is reported that on may 18 the interdepartmental Commission on international trade adopted a decision on the renewal of anti-dumping measures concerning import to Ukraine of urea and urea-ammonium nitrate (UAN) originating from the Russian Federation. Ukraine planned from February 28 to impose anti-dumping import duties on Russian nitrogen fertilizers in the amount of 4.19% to 31,83%, however, at the request of the Ministry of agrarian policy of the country has postponed a decision on the period of sowing.

The Ministry noted that today Russia is the main supplier of nitric fertilizers in Ukraine.

«Henceforth, the duty of 31.84% will apply to all producers of urea and UAN (uccfea and 3102 10 3102 80 00 00) originating from the Russian Federation. The decision shall enter into force on the day following the publication of the message in the «Governmental courier», — stated in the message of the Ministry.

Ukraine in 2014 has imposed five-year anti-dumping duties on imports of Russian fertilizer, but it applies only to ammonium nitrate. Rates were set at 20,51-of 36.03%. Russia contested this decision in the WTO. However, Ukrainian farmers have shifted to urea and urea-ammonium nitrate — other types of nitrogen fertilizers imported from Russia.