Opposition bloc is going to appeal the ban on Russian sites in KS

© Photo : DezidorЗдание constitutional court of Ukraine. Archive photoOpposition bloc is going to appeal the ban on Russian sites in KS© Photo : Dezidor

The Ukrainian party Opposition bloc intends to appeal to the constitutional court the decree of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, which is prohibited in Ukraine the number of Russian Internet resources, said the Deputy of the party Yuriy Pavlenko.

The President of the Internet Association of Ukraine alekandr, Fedienko previously stated that in the near future to implement the decision on sanctions is impossible, the procedure «requires considerable financial investment, the time for realignment of the access networks to the Internet». Co-owner of one of the Ukrainian Internet providers Wladimir Sidorenko in his turn, reminded that the decision on blocking of Russian Internet resources can easily be circumvented using vpn services, proxy servers and other technical methods.