The FSSP has published guidelines on dealing with collectors

© Fotolia / JackFРабота manifold. Archival photoThe FSSP has published guidelines on dealing with collectors© Fotolia / JackF

User interaction with the collectors, including the algorithm of actions in case of violation of their duties, is posted on the website of the Federal bailiff service (FSSP) of Russia, said the head of service Dmitry Aristov.

«In order to help citizens to question the direction of the complaints and appeals section of the site «Interactive assistant parties of enforcement proceedings» is added with the tab «What to do if You come manifold or receive letters and phone calls containing threats from collectors?». It contains an algorithm of actions in case of such situations,» said Aristov the lecture in the framework of the VII St. Petersburg international legal forum.

The law governing legal persons involved in the recovery of debts, entered into force in Russia on 1 January 2017. The FSSP are determined by the Supervisory authority in this market. The unified register of collection agencies started to work in Russia this year — to collect overdue debts can now only firms included in this list.