Honduras withdrew from his Venezuelan charge d’affaires amid protests

© REUTERS / Christian VeronПротесты in Venezuela. Archival photoHonduras withdrew from his Venezuelan charge d’affaires amid protests© REUTERS / Christian Veron

The Honduras government on Friday withdrew from the Venezuelan chargé d’affaires in this country, Fernando suárez Lovo, the report said the Honduran foreign Ministry.

«The Ministry of foreign Affairs and international cooperation informs the country and the world that the government called for consultation d’affaires Fernando suárez Lovo», – stated in the message.

Earlier, Honduras, among other Latin American countries expressed concern in connection with violence against demonstrators in Venezuela. Mass protests are there from the beginning of April, they had already claimed the lives of more than 45 people.

The Honduran foreign Ministry emphasizes that the attorney is revoked to obtain the most accurate and fast information about what is happening in the South American country.