In Caracas was the most mass opposition rally since the start of protests

© AFP 2017 / Ronaldo SchemidtПредставители opposition waving national flag of Venezuela to protest against President Nicolas Maduro in Caracas. Archival photoIn Caracas was the most mass opposition rally since the start of protests© 2017 AFP / Ronaldo Schemidt

The mass demonstrations of the Venezuelan opposition marched Saturday in Caracas and other cities, Reuters reported.

According to the Agency, in a demonstration in the capital was attended by several hundred thousand people. This action was the largest since the beginning of performances in Venezuela almost two months ago. Agence France-Presse adds that the number of protesters has exceeded 160 thousand people.

«Fifty days and fifty killed… no matter what, on the fiftieth day when the increased repression is even more resistance and the struggle for Venezuela», — quotes Agency the statement of the opposition leader and former candidate for President Henrique Capriles.

From the beginning of April in Venezuela are mass protests after the Supreme court’s decision to severely limit the power of opposition in the National Assembly. The decision was reversed, but opposition supporters took to the streets demanding the resignation of the members of the court, and hold early elections. Now they are protesting against the convocation of the constituent Assembly, considering it an attempt to change the Constitution. According to recent reports, the death toll in the protests has exceeded 45 people.