Philippine President warned of the danger of a territorial dispute with China

© AP Photo / Bullit MarquezВид to the Philippines. Archival photoPhilippine President warned of the danger of a territorial dispute with China© AP Photo / Bullit Marquez

If the Philippines will come into direct conflict with China over territorial dispute in the South China sea, it will be a massacre, said the Philippine leader Rodrigo Duterte.

«You expect me to start a war with China? But if I have missiles to attack China?» said Duterte in an interview with Russian media.

According to him, «if it happens (direct conflict – ed.), it will be a slaughter.»

China and several countries in the region Japan, Vietnam and the Philippines — has disputes on Maritime borders and responsibility areas in the South China and East China seas. China believes that the Philippines and Vietnam are knowingly using the United States ‘ support for the escalation of tensions in the region.

The permanent court of arbitration in the Hague in July 2016, according to the suit ruled that China has no basis for territorial claims in the South China sea. The court decided that the disputed territory of the Spratly archipelago (Nansha) Islands are not and exclusive economic zone do not form. China did not recognize the arbitration decision.