Media: Israel has several concessions to the Palestinians before a visit to trump

© 2017 AFP / Brendan Smialowski US President Donald trump. Archival photoMedia: Israel has several concessions to the Palestinians before a visit to trump© 2017 AFP / Brendan Smialowski

The Israeli authorities before the visit of US President Donald trump has made a few economic concessions to the Palestinians, which required the American leader, reports Reuters.

«The military-political Cabinet of Israel has approved economic measures that facilitate daily life on the territory of the Palestinian authority after (trump) asked for more measures to build confidence», — quotes Agency the statement of the Cabinet which clarifies that the concessions do not harm the interests of Israel.

According to the Agency, concessions include the possibility of building two industrial zones in Northern and southern parts of the West Bank of the Jordan river. In addition, the authorities promise to provide round-the-clock border crossing between the Palestinian authority and Jordan on the Allenby bridge.

The Cabinet also voted to establish a Committee that will study the question of legalization of outposts in the territories on the West Bank of the Jordan river, the Agency reports.

Trump on Monday begins a two-day visit to Israel and Palestine, promising to lead them to the world, but not explaining how he expects to succeed in the enterprise, was beyond the power of his predecessors.