The plateau ay-Petri in the Crimea began the voluntary demolition of unauthorized construction

© RIA Novosti / Andrey to Illiterate in fotobounce to mount AI-Petri. Archival photoThe plateau ay-Petri in the Crimea began the voluntary demolition of unauthorized construction© RIA Novosti / Andrey to Illiterate the image Bank

Voluntary demolition of unauthorized construction began in Crimea on a plateau AI-Petri. To inspect the process of dismantling came the head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov. «I want to thank everyone that guided by respect for the laws of the Russian Federation and common sense, made a decision and began the dismantling of all structures», — said Aksenov.

According to him, all entrepreneurs proposed alternative locations. Aksenov stressed that all will be demolished illegally built buildings. This will start the landscaping. It is ready to engage a private contractor on extrabudgetary funds. «There is no development is not planned, the main task is to form a large viewing platform with a railing, and will subsequently be developed ecological landscape Park», — said Aksenov.

In turn, the land user of land on which it erected buildings, the Director of the company «Sharm» Nariman Kutbidinov reported that demolition is covered 45 objects. Clean up the area planned for a month and a half, then to transfer the management of Yalta. The land was leased to the firm for 49 years. The documents were obtained by the Ukrainian authorities. «We made the decision to voluntarily vacate the land as it is in the environmental area. We came with the authorities of Crimea to common dialogue to dismantle all the buildings, as it is a protected area and is the hallmark, the pearl of the Crimea», — said Kutbidinov.

Aksenov stressed that other built-up place of the ay-Petri plateau will also be released. «In national parks, protected areas and beaches, all tavern will be liquidated», — assured Aksenov.

In the Ukrainian period on the AI-Petri was illegally built on illegal trading sites which Crimeans called «tavern». The café will offer food and draught alcohol, which is often not certified. Attempts to ban illegal activities on the plateau had caused the traders ‘ protests and led to clashes with security forces.