The Ministry has evaluated the level of training of graduates of Russian universities

© Sputnik / Ramil Sadikovski Of The University. Archival photoThe Ministry has evaluated the level of training of graduates of Russian universities© Sputnik / Ramil Sitdikov

More than 70% of graduates of Russian universities have to complete their education in the workplace, a quarter of them additional education paid by employers, said the Director of the Department of labour payment, labour relations and social partnership of the Ministry of labor of Russia Marina Maslova at the international scientific-practical conference «Which frames need the Russian economy?».

«We understand that you need to graduate (graduates), employers have to complete their education, those graduates offered by the education system. And almost 72% of graduates have still to study further in the workplace, and a quarter of those employers pay for additional training,» said Maslova.

She recalled that the structure of the development of professional qualifications began to emerge in Russia only in 2012. Furthermore, Maslow noted that a particular challenge is to negotiate with the business about what should be the requirements to the employees. In her opinion, this work should be more active involvement of the scientific community for an objective vision for the development of the labour market and the development of professions.