In St. Petersburg sentenced a man who killed neighbors in the communal apartment

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The court sentenced to 16 years imprisonment Yuri Savin, convicted of the murder of a self-made revolver of its neighbors in the communal apartment, whose remains were discovered in sewage, reports of GSU SK the Russian Federation across Petersburg.

As reported by TFR, July 21, 2016 tenants 7 housing 1 Avenue of Culture has caused the employee of the technical service in connection with the blockage of the sewer pipe. When a cleaning worker found the remains of biological. A criminal case was initiated under article «murder of two and more persons», and Savina suspect detained and arrested.

«The consequence and court it is established that… the Savin, with a criminal intent on killing their neighbors in the communal apartment, men and women, occurred on the grounds of personal hostile relations… produced from the signal gun improvised six-shooter, suitable for the production of individual shots, as well as a device for noiseless shooting. 19 July 2016 Savin committed the murder victims… in order to conceal traces of a crime Savin dismembered their bodies, which are disposed in the sewer line, flush with water,» — says GUS.

As noted by investigative management of examination carried out after the discovery of the remains have established they belong to the killed neighbours of the defendant. Savin was found guilty under article «illegal circulation of weapons, ammunition», «illegal manufacture of weapons» and «murder of two and more persons».

«The verdict Savin was sentenced to 16 years of imprisonment with punishment serving in a corrective colony of strict regime», — stated in the message of GSU.