The state Duma Committee recommended the adoption of the law on the age limit for doctors

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Fedorenkova in fotobanka to the State Duma of the Russian Federation. Archival photoThe state Duma Committee recommended the adoption of the law on the age limit for doctors© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Fedorenkova the image Bank

The state Duma Committee on labor, social policy and veterans Affairs recommended that the house adopt the first reading of a bill to set the age limit for replacement of posts of heads and Deputy heads of the state and municipal medical organizations to 65 years.

The head of Committee Yaroslav Nilov (LDPR) said that the consideration of the draft law is planned June 7.

«The bill proposes to set the age limit for the recruitment of managers and zamrukovoditelja state or municipal medical organizations. Such positions may take individuals not older than 65 years regardless of the time of concluding the employment contracts,» — said in the explanatory note.

It is clarified that the persons holding these positions and have reached the age of 65 years are transferred with their written consent to other positions corresponding to their qualifications.

The draft law States that the founder has the right to extend the tenure of the employee, holding the position of head of the state or municipal medical institution, until he attains the age of 70 years by the General meeting of employees of state or municipal medical organization.

The first Deputy Chairman of the faction «United Russia», member of the Committee Andrey Isaev, in turn, noted that the bill has already caused a stir in society. In this regard, he explained that the adoption of this draft would not lead to removal of the doctor from his profession, and to «release him from the writing of slips, knocking pipes for Sewerage and resolving such issues.»

Previously, the trade Union of workers of health of the Russian Federation were strongly against the introduction of an age limit for chief physicians and their deputies, since the bill could lead only to corruption growth in this area.