In Krasnoyarsk region the size of fires has increased two times during the night

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Cookingplate in photobacteria sleeves, set on fire the car of EMERCOM of Russia. Archival photoIn Krasnoyarsk region the size of fires has increased two times during the night© RIA Novosti / Alexander Cookingplate the image Bank

The area of forest fires in the Krasnoyarsk region, with Thursday night increased more than two times, according to the regional Ministry of forestry.

Earlier it was reported that on Thursday evening in the region were just over 5,9 thousand hectares of forest. For the past day was extinguished 18 forest fires on the area of 542 hectares in the Yenisei, Kezhma, Boguchansky, Birilyussy, Pirovskoye, Taseevskoye, Nizhneingashskiy, Abansky, novoselovskoe, Emel, Kartouzska and ermakovskoe areas.

MOE had earlier announced a sharp deterioration of the fire situation in the region caused by hurricane wind and palom grass. According to the interior Ministry, in connection with the fires and the danger of the spread of fire via the alarm was raised by police officers in two districts of the region: Lesosibirsk and Kansk. The fire killed three people. More than 90 people went to doctors.

«At 9.00 in the region was 33 forest fire – in the Yenisei, motyginsky, Boguchansky, Kazachinskoye, Taseevskoye, Dzerzhinsk, Nizhneingashskiy, Abansky and ermakovskoe areas in the square 15128 hectares. A large part of the fire works in the aviation hard-to-reach area. The threat to the settlements», — stated in the message.

According to forest Fire centre, 8 fires in the area of 1096 hectares localized.

In extinguishing involved 600 people and 120 vehicles. Enhanced land and aviation patrol. From the southern areas of the region within vnutrivuzovskogo maneuvering delivered forces in the area, which formed the most complex forest fire situation.