In Turkey, the head of the Commission for the investigation of the rebellion, criticized the intelligence

© Flickr / KLMirceaТурецкий flag on the background of the bridge over the Bosphorus in Istanbul. Archival photoIn Turkey, the head of the Commission for the investigation of the rebellion, criticized the intelligence© Flickr / KLMircea

Intelligence, which failed to be informed in advance about the impending coup attempt in Turkey in July last year, does not meet the requirements of the state, said the head of the Commission of the Turkish Parliament for the investigation of the attempted coup will Solve Petek.

«The Turkish intelligence service, operating in the country and abroad, does not meet the requirements of the state. Need to fix the problems and disadvantages in the activities of the intelligence agencies, to develop a new concept of national intelligence of Turkey, which could meet the goals and objectives of the country», — quotes Peteca Agency Anаdolu.

He noted that the lack of information about the impending coup – an indicator of serious problems in the intelligence agencies. «There is no doubt. However, after one of the pilots of the Turkish air force has informed intelligence about the plans of the coup, the General staff and the office of national intelligence has taken a number of preventive measures that drove Gulen’s supporters to change his plans and postpone the beginning of the revolution from 03.00 on July 16 20.30 15 Jul 2016. This factor played a role in preventing a coup attempt,» said Petek.

According to him, the Commission came to the conclusion that the attempted coup in the country is the organization of the opposition Islamic preacher Fethullah Gulen (FETO). «This is clearly reflected in the final report of the Commission,» said Petek. He added that the FETO patronized by external forces.

In the night from 15 to 16 July 2016 in Turkey, a group of rebels attempted a military coup. The main fighting took place in Ankara and Istanbul. Killed more than 240 Turkish citizens, more than 2 thousand people were injured, the rebellion was suppressed. Turkish authorities blamed Gulen in the organization of the coup attempt and demanded that the US extradite him. Gulen himself condemned the rebellion and declared his innocence.