Chudnovets intends to participate in elections of the Governor of Sverdlovsk region

© Photo : from the page «Vkontakte»Eugene Chudnovets. Archive photoChudnovets intends to participate in elections of the Governor of Sverdlovsk region© Photo : from the page «Vkontakte»

The teacher from Ekaterinburg Eugene Chudnovets, convicted, but later justified on the case of the repost of the video, decided to take part in elections of the Governor of Sverdlovsk region.

«Formulated the main goal: I want to check in the Sverdlovsk region has a constitutional right to be elected. How honest elections are held,» wrote Chudnovets on his page in Facebook.

Previously, she presented a private human rights organization that will help those who have been imprisoned by mistake. Chudnovets said he wanted to bring to the human rights activities of both lawyers and ordinary citizens, and stressed that he wants to leave the organization out of politics.

The inhabitant of the Kurgan region Evgeny Chudnovets, who worked as a teacher in a kindergarten of Ekaterinburg, was sentenced to six months in prison for distribution of child pornography. She did repost in the social network of the video, which depicted a Nude boy in the bathroom of the children’s camp. In the video it was clear that the child was subjected to abuse by the counselors. To draw public attention to bullying, Chudnovets did repost this entry. The Prosecutor demanded for Chudnovets five years imprisonment. Later in the Supreme court of the Russian Federation Prosecutor General’s office had submitted cassation representation the revision of the sentence, and the Kurgan regional court quashed the verdict. She was released from prison on March 6.