Putin: If not mistaken, considering that the cold war is over

© AP Photo / Michael Abbywi German Chancellor Helmut Kohl. Archival photoPutin: If not mistaken, considering that the cold war is over© AP Photo / Michael Sohn

Ex-German Chancellor Helmut Kohl was not wrong, considering that the «cold war» finished after the current cold snap Russia and the West will inevitably join forces, said Russian President Vladimir Putin.

«No, not wrong. We always all processes are like a pendulum — one in the other direction», — Putin said, answering a question of journalists, did Helmut Kohl a mistake, considering that he and Mikhail Gorbachev managed to end the «cold war».

«Now a little bit the pendulum has swung in the direction of cooling, but I’m sure that inevitably all will come to a balance, and we will combine efforts to combat the challenges of today. The only way we will be able to overcome them,» — said the head of state.