The perpetrator of the incident at the mosque in London had acted alone, said Mae

© AFP 2017 / Tolga ECOPOLICY working on the hitting the van a crowd of people in London. 19.06.2017The perpetrator of the incident at the mosque in London had acted alone, said Mae© AFP 2017 / Tolga Akmen

Prime Minister Theresa may confirmed that, according to police, the executor of the terrorist attack at a mosque in North London had acted alone.

The van in on Monday night made arrival on the people of North London, who was returning from the mosque with night prayer. The police said that the incident, one person died, 10 were injured, eight of them hospitalized. On suspicion of committing premeditated murder arrested 48-year-old white male.

«At this early stage, police believe that the terrorist acted alone,» said Mei, speaking on Monday morning a statement following the meeting of the emergency COBRA Committee, which is composed of representatives of the government, police and intelligence services.

She noted the responsiveness of emergency services and bravery of the representatives of the Muslim community, who managed to twist the criminal.

«Today we come together to, as we did before, to condemn the act and say that hatred and evil will never win,» he said.

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