At Wimbledon tennis player forced the fan to go to court and wear a skirt

The former first racket of the world Belgian tennis player Kim Clijsters made handing out tips fans make his serve during the match of the legends at Wimbledon. Video published on the YouTube channel of Chris Gin, reports «R-sport».

Clijsters, played in tandem with the Australian Renne Stubbs against Spaniard Conchita Martinez and the American Andrea Jaeger. A fan from the podium, advised the athlete to serve in the corps.

Belgian made indifferent man to go to court instead of the opponent and make its submission. Clijsters, also noticed that his clothing does not conform to Wimbledon, and then gave him my spare skirt.

The fan managed to take two goals out of three, after which the meeting continued. Of Clijsters and Stubbs won with the score 6:2, 7:5.

Wimbledon takes place in London from July 3-July 16. The prize Fund of the tournament amounts to $ 41 million. In the final, the Spanish tennis player on garbine Muguruza defeated American Venus William.