In road accident with bus in the Mari El Republic, six people received fractures

© Fotolia / spotmatikphotoПациент in the hospital. Archival photoIn road accident with bus in the Mari El Republic, six people received fractures© Fotolia / spotmatikphoto

Six people received fractures of moderate severity in a traffic accident in Mari El Republic, told RIA Novosti press-service of the MIA for the Republic.

Earlier GUMCHS of Russia in the region reported that the bus, which was heading from morki to the village Soviet, drove into a ditch and overturned. According to authorities, the bus was carrying 29 people. Glaucus also reported that 25 people examined, two of them hospitalized.

«According to preliminary data, medical assistance in accidents turned 29 bus passengers, including six people with fractures of moderate severity», — said the press service of the interior Ministry.

As explained to RIA Novosti a source in the emergency services of the Republic, the accident occurred on 39-m kilometre of a highway of local value «Organs — Ronga-morki». According to him, the bus was carrying workers of an integrated poultry farm «Akashevskaya».

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