In the network appeared the first «Halal sex guide» for Muslim women

© RIA Novosti / Marina to Makavetskaia in photobiannual for a meal.In the network appeared the first «Halal sex guide» for Muslim women© RIA Novosti / Marina to Makavetskaia the image Bank

The world’s first textbook on sex for Muslim women appeared for sale on the Internet, reports The Guardian.

The author chose to remain anonymous, using the pseudonym Umm Muladhar. The book is 54 pages of detailed instructions from how to kiss, to sexual poses. The author of «Halal sex guide» believes that Muslim women can and should enjoy their sexual lives.

The focus is only on what Muslim women should have sex only with your spouse.

Critics have accused the author of promoting promiscuity. «One woman said that it is not necessary that all girls learn from their mothers. I doubt that the mother says as much detail as I do,» says the author reviews benefits.

But some Muslim women’s organizations have praised the book, stating that it would give Muslim women freedom and protect them from entering into sexually abusive relationships. In particular, the Chairman of the Network of Muslim women Britain, Shaista Gohir said that «to talk about sex in Islam is not new, as past scholars have emphasized the importance of sexual pleasure for women.»