The accounts chamber of the USA has told, how it undermines the safety of American embassies

© Photo : AgnosticPreachersKidЗдание the accounts chamber of the USA in Washington. Archive photoThe accounts chamber of the USA has told, how it undermines the safety of American embassies© Photo : AgnosticPreachersKid

Diplomats and employees of embassies and consulates of the United States pose a threat to the security of diplomatic missions, not visiting for three years of study on security issues, according to a report of the accounts chamber of the United States (GAO).

«Overall, less than four percent of diplomatic missions announced the completion of all necessary exercises in the course of the 2013-2016 financial years,» the report said.

GAO also notes that the diplomatic missions located in areas with an increased risk of violence for political reasons and terrorism, held only 44% of the required exercises for preparedness for emergencies.

It is reported that in the 2013-2016 period, the state Department evacuated the staff of diplomatic missions and their families of the 23 institutions abroad due to threats of terrorism, insurrections and natural disasters.

The staff of embassies and consulates must report the results of the exercise for security in the state Department, the report noted. However, for three years described the Agency was not provided with the results. GAO notes that this increases the risk that personnel of diplomatic missions are not prepared for situations that threaten life.

In 2012, the attack on the Embassy in Benghazi, Libya killed four Americans including the us Ambassador. It was reported that the US state Department had not fully implemented the recommendations to enhance the safety of diplomatic missions after the tragedy in Benghazi, but only to 90%.