In the Moscow Conservatory will perform Russian operatic rarity of the EIGHTEENTH century

В Московской консерватории исполнят русский оперный раритет ХVIII века

A musical melodrama of the EIGHTEENTH century “Orpheus” Evstigney Fomin will be performed in the Rachmaninov hall of Moscow Conservatory (MGK) 7 Oct. The revival of the operatic rarity, one of the most original scores of the Russian classic “delinquency era” dedicated to the 255th anniversary of the birth of the composer, the 225th anniversary since the creation of the “Orpheus” and is dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the Moscow Conservatory.

The myth of Orpheus and Eurydice

The myth of Orpheus and Eurydice was one of the most popular since antiquity. This story was a lot of operas, cantatas, ballets. In Russia to this first myth addressed by the Italian composer Francesco Araya, 1735 worked in St. Petersburg. He wrote a melodrama with chorus and ballet “Orpheus and Eurydice” (1757) to the text of Metastasio, and later created a magical heroic ballet.

Russian writer Yakov Knyazhnin decided to compete with foreign colleagues and has created in those same years, his romance, which premiered in 1763. Unlike Metastasio, whose secondary Eurydice back to Orpheus, Knyazhnin left a tragic end.

The debut of “Orpheus” in Moscow

In 1792 a competition was involved Evstigney Fomin, volovcica from Italy and trying at home to establish themselves as an Opera composer. In Moscow saw the creation of Fomin’s Orpheus in the text Knyazhnin in 1795. Romance has been repeatedly questioned and had success, but later withdrew from the repertoire.

Only in 1903, the Moscow society of art and literature set musical melodrama on the stage. The new birth works took place thanks to the educational activities of Boris Dobrohotov — musicologist and researcher of the archives of Russian composers “delinquency era.”

The new version of the works of the “Russian Mozart”

The author of the current draft of the revival of Russian Opera of the rarity of the EIGHTEENTH century doctor of arts, Professor of Moscow Conservatory Irina Skvortsova believes that “the time has come for a new look at the legacy of Evstigney Fomin — “Russian Mozart”, the bright representative of Russian classicism”.

In the creation of a new version works Fomina took part: the famous master heard the words of actor and Director Peter Tatarici, conductor and Director of Chamber orchestra of the Moscow Conservatory Felix Korobov (chief conductor of Musical theatre. Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko), artistic Director of the Chamber choir of the Conservatory Alexander Soloviev, music consultant and performer of the harpsichord, Professor Evgeniya Krivitskaya MHEC.

This creative team working on reconstruction and the return of rarities from the Treasury of Russian culture, will present his interpretation of the musical melodrama “Orpheus”.