Bykov thinks of Bob Dylan, an outstanding poet, faithful to the ideals of the Nobel

Быков считает Боба Дилана выдающимся поэтом, верным нобелевским идеалам

Bob Dylan is the preeminent poet, true Nobel laureates of humanism, and the awarding of the Nobel prize expands the boundaries of literature, reported RIA Novosti literary critic and writer Dmitry Bykov.

Earlier, the Swedish Academy, responsible for the award, said that the Nobel prize for literature for the year 2016 was awarded to Dylan “for the creation of a new poetic expression in the great American song tradition.”

“He published his autobiography, published a collection of texts, not only in the United States, but worldwide they are known. To say that he is only a musician, I would not. He was one of those people who are singing the poetry of sharply moved forward, just as Jim Morrison, Leonard Cohen, Dylan… an outstanding poet, Nobel faithful to the ideals of humanism. Since approximately 1965, the year his poetry around the world is widely known, people exchange it with quotes. Why does not he give you?” — said Bykov.

According to him, such a gesture of the Nobel Committee expanding the boundaries of literature. So, rewarding the Belarusian writer Svetlana Aleksievich in last year, the Committee noted a breakthrough in the field of non-fiction, which becomes almost more important than fiction. “They are now more noted and song poetry. Literature weleetka, its expansion,” — said the Agency interlocutor.

Быков считает Боба Дилана выдающимся поэтом, верным нобелевским идеалам

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