FAS: the volatility of the price of gasoline was much less than in 2015

ФАС: волатильность цен на бензин оказалась намного меньше, чем в 2015 году

The volatility of prices for motor gasoline was much less this year than last, said the head of Department of regulation of fuel and energy complex of the FAS of Russia Dmitry Makhonin in the framework of the meeting of the Board of Directors of the Russian fuel Union on Thursday.

“Despite the increase of excises on automobile gasoline, year was the most calm compared to other years. The spikes in wholesale prices was observed, but not so substantial as last year and much earlier (in the year in October, this year – in July — ed.),” said Makhonin, whose words are in the message service.

He said: “the independent gas stations have a supply margins, and that means pressure on the retail price is not at all”.

According to Makhonina, such indicators managed to achieve thanks to the work done by the FAS. Primarily due to control over the implementation of the quadripartite agreements and the increased production volumes of petroleum products in our country. Also have proven their productivity and weekly meetings of the Exchange Committee, aimed at development of exchange trade, the satisfaction of demand of buyers of petroleum products and improving the structure of the auction.

It is noted that further actions FAS will focus on the development of wholesale trading.

“Already signed “road map” with Transneft, the results of which the company will become the operator of commodity deliveries. This means that next year we will get a unique mechanism, when the product is without physical transport for two days to legally pass to the buyer on the pipe. Such flexibility in obtaining a product will make a new step towards market transparency and product availability,” said Makhonin.