The head of the FJC: the story of the uprising in Sobibor became an example for generations

Глава ФЕОР: история восстания в лагере Собибор стала примером для поколений

The history of the concentration camp Sobibor, where 73 years ago the only successful rebellion of prisoners serve for future generations as an example of what not to give up in the fight against evil, the head of the Federation of Jewish communities of Russia, Rabbi Alexander Boroda.

“When you talk about the Holocaust, the Jews usually serve as a passive side — and chase them to death, they are rescued by non — Jews- righteous among the Nations, etc. Here we see that people raised in terrible conditions of the death camps, were able to resist evil and defeat it. A similar story, showing that to give up in the fight against evil is impossible in any case, can serve as a good example for teaching future generations”, — told RIA Novosti the Beard.

Camp Sobibor was created by the Nazis in the South-East of Poland in the spring of 1942. It lasted only about a year and a half, but it was destroyed about 250 thousand Jews from Poland and other countries.

In October 1943, in Sobibor there was an uprising, led by the Soviet officer Alexander Pechersky. The event was the only successful major rebellion of prisoners in the Nazi concentration camps.

Now in Sobibor to build the memorial. Russia expressed its readiness to assist Poland in the international project.

In September, Lithuania started shooting dedicated to the events at Sobibor film called “the Legend of escape.” The main roles in the film performed by Konstantin Khabensky and famous for the movie “Highlander” Christopher Lambert.