Boiler room of the city of Tsiolkovsky near the cosmodrome “East” is ready to start

Котельная города Циолковский рядом с космодромом "Восточный" готова к пуску

Boiler room of the city of Tsiolkovsky, built near the Vostochny cosmodrome in the Amur region, ready to start, reports the press service of “Dalspetsstroy” at Spetsstroy Russia.

“The ignition of the first steam boiler boiler that will provide heat and hot water to residents of the city under construction Tsiolkovsky, were made by the specialists of the enterprise Spetsstroytekhnologii pri spetsstroe of Russia”, — stated in the message, it is specified that after the ignition of the steam boiler “a few days” kindle water.

“This operation we plan to start in a couple of days, and then each boiler will be subjected to 72-hour full integrated testing, which I’m sure will be no problem. After the tests, the boiler will be in service to the customer — the Russian space Agency”, — the press service quoted the Deputy head of Vladimir Spectrotechnology Zvantseva.

The capacity of the new boiler house with eight boilers (two steam and six water) will be enough not only Tsiolkovsky but also on the existing city of Uglegorsk, which will be included in its composition, a modern boiler designed to operate at air temperatures up to 60 degrees and almost entirely equipped with Russian-made equipment. Boiler capacity — 90 MW, i.e. 2.5 times more than the current boiler in Uglegorsk, it is automatic and requires no human intervention.

Boiler Tsiolkovsky consists of 20 buildings and structures, as well as the train path and “fuel oil industry”, including fuel oil tanks, pump station fuel transfer and tank pad. For heat supply to consumers established a new heat networks that have been tested and ready for operation.

The heat previously applied to the objects Tsiolkovsky, including the house where there are finishing works. “As the heat sources are two generating units of the enterprise Spetsstroytekhnologii (one works continuously, and the other in reserve)… since the settlement houses in the Tsiolkovsky (December 2015) heat and hot water to the flats served uninterrupted and constantly”, — the press-service. On Friday it was reported that “Dalspetsstroy” referred to the operation of Roscosmos boiler that provides heat of launch and technical complexes of the cosmodrome “East”.

“East” is being built with 2012. He will become the first national cosmodrome of civilian purposes and will ensure independent access of Russia into space. Historic first launch of the carrier rocket “Soyuz-2.1 a” with the East with three satellites was successfully completed on April 28.