Headquarters Clinton accused trump that he was “grist to the mill of Russia”

Штаб Клинтон обвинил Трампа в том, что он "льет воду на мельницу России"

The headquarters of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton accused on Sunday of its competitor Donald trump that he pours water on a mill of Russia.

The publication explains that this statement was made in connection with the statements of Russian President Vladimir Putin at the BRICS summit. There the Russian President said that it is not known whether trump, if elected, to implement their intentions and how far he will go in cooperating with Russia, and whether Clinton — if you become President, to implement its threats and harsh rhetoric against Russia, “she may also adjust position”.

“Vladimir Putin just confirmed that Donald trump with his Pro-Putin agenda are grist to the mill of Russia… the Question now is only how can you lead the trump this case up to the end for the Kremlin,” said Clinton adviser on political Affairs Jake Sullivan, quoted by the Hill newspaper.

He also again accused Russia of trying using cyber-attacks to influence U.S. elections.

Representatives of the US Democratic party and Clinton have repeatedly stated the Russian involvement in hacking attacks on their servers in order to affect the outcome of the presidential election. Evidence of Russia’s involvement in these actions the US authorities are not presented. Putin said in published data, there is nothing in the interests of Russia, and hysteria-mongering to distract from their content.

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Штаб Клинтон обвинил Трампа в том, что он "льет воду на мельницу России"

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