Montenegro a few months to join NATO, said the Prime Minister of the country

Черногория через несколько месяцев вступит в НАТО, заявил премьер страны

Montenegro few months will decide the question of joining NATO, said the leader of the ruling Democratic party of socialists (DPS) of Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic.

On Sunday elections to the Parliament of the country’s traffic police, according to preliminary data, has won 36 seats out of 81. The closest rival – the opposition coalition Democratic front, gaining 18 seats. Meanwhile, four opposition parties jointly gaining 41 seats are going to form a coalition and unseat Djukanovic.

On the background data on the outcome of the election, the Prime Minister has made a number of statements, based on the position that the establishment of a government led by his party — it is solved and DPS will not be difficult to agree on a parliamentary majority with loyal in small batches.

“Today we can say that Montenegro continues to follow the path of Europe’s future that we are just a few months we will ratify the Protocol on the accession of Montenegro to NATO will take the decision on membership of Montenegro in NATO,” said Djukanovic in on Monday night, addressing his supporters.

He also promised in the next mandate of his government to intensify and complete the process of negotiations on accession to the European Union.

Early entry into NATO is opposed to a group of Montenegrin opposition parties, which propose to address this issue through a national referendum, not in Parliament, how it plans to do DPS.