A court in St. Petersburg has extended the arrest of the head of MO “Kolpino” in the case of robbery

Суд в Петербурге продлил арест главе МО "Колпино" по делу о разбое

. Oktyabrsky district court of St.-Petersburg on Wednesday extended by three months the period of detention to the head of the municipal formation of the city of Sochi Vadim Ivanov, accused of assault in 2003, reported RIA Novosti his lawyer, Alexander Golovanov.

Earlier it was reported that on 29 September in St. Petersburg was arrested 46-year-old Vadim Ivanov, head of the municipal education of the city of Kolpino, member of the municipal Council of the city of Kolpino.

“The court extended his arrest until January 27 inclusive,” — said the lawyer.

According to investigators, in September 2003, a drug-addicted resident of St. Petersburg Tatiana Sorokoumova found out that her sister plans to move from Moscow a large sum of money. According to the SUCK, the woman decided it to Rob and asked for help to Dmitry Bolshakova, Anton Vasilenko and Vadim Ivanov. About 23 hours on 4 October 2003 on the landing of the fifth floor of one of the houses on the street of Marshal Zakharova suspects Vasilenko and Sergei Ivanov, threatening a gun, beat the victim and accompany her man. After stole more than 1.4 million rubles and fled in a car Bolshakova, according to investigators.

Informed Bolshakov, Vasilenko, Sorokoumova were sentenced to various terms of imprisonment.

Lawyer Igor Reshetnikov said earlier RIA Novosti that Bolshakov had reason to stipulate Ivanov. In addition, the lawyer Alexander Golovanov distributes the media statement by Ivanov, in which he connects criminal prosecution with its struggle against the construction of a waste incinerator near the landfill “Krasny Bor” near Kolpino.

According to the Investigative Committee of St. Petersburg, Bolshakov no later than 2013 made a deal with the investigation and voluntarily disclosed to investigators information about all his crimes, including the episode involving Ivanov. In 2013, investigator Michael krushelnitsky on the basis of the testimony of them resumed the investigation of the robbery in 2003.

The victim Olga Makina, the woman was attacked, told RIA Novosti on Wednesday that in 2013 identified the attackers Vasilenko and Ivanov, however, the investigator did not involve the head of MO “Kolpino” to criminal liability, and instead involved an “unidentified person”.

Golovanov, the lawyer in conversation with the correspondent of RIA Novosti questioned the fact that Makina could identify Ivanova. Earlier testimony Larga doubt put in court brought by defenders Vasilenko psychiatrists Yuri Parfenov and Sophia Novick, in absentia diagnostirovati the woman has mental problems. The courts have recognized the conclusion of these experts is invalid. According to the source RIA Novosti in law enforcement, in relation to Parfenov is currently prosecuted.