The Cabinet of Ministers of Russia will discuss the allocation of funds for the purchase of drugs against hepatitis

Кабмин России обсудит выделение средств на закупку препаратов от гепатита

The government of Russia at session on Thursday will discuss the distribution in 2016 funding in the amount of 2.28 billion on the procurement of antiviral drugs for those infected by the virus of immunodeficiency and hepatitis B and C, according to the Cabinet of Ministers.

According to the report, to discuss the question “on distribution in 2016 other inter-budget transfers provided from the Federal budget to budgets of subjects of the Russian Federation on financial provision of procurement of antiviral drugs for the prevention and treatment of persons infected with the virus human immunodeficiency and hepatitis b and C”.

It is noted that the draft Directive proposes to allocate intergovernmental transfers in the amount of 2.28 billion.