The Russian government will consider the draft amendments to the law on social protection of persons with disabilities

Правительство РФ рассмотрит проект изменений в закон о соцзащите инвалидов

The government of Russia at session on Thursday will consider the draft amendments to the law “About social protection of invalids in the Russian Federation”, which will help the realization of the right of persons with disabilities to unimpeded access to various facilities and services, according to the Cabinet of Ministers.

The bill, in particular, proposed that some functions of state control in the sphere of ensuring the accessibility of facilities and services for persons with disabilities to the authorized Federal Executive authorities and Executive authorities of the regions that are now the state supervision in the spheres of transport, communication and information, education, culture, health, urban development, housing and communal services.

The draft law was reviewed and approved by the 17 October meeting of the Commission of the RF government on legislative activities.