A colleague of counsel for Grabowski said of the missing witnesses in this case

Коллега адвоката Грабовского заявила о пропаже свидетеля по этому делу

Ukrainian lawyer Oksana Sokolovsky said on Monday about the disappearance of his former assistant, who is a witness in a criminal case about murder of lawyer Yury Grabovsky, representing in court interests of the Russian Alexander Alexandrov.

In October, the Shevchenkivsky district court of Kiev began consideration of the case about the murder of Grabowski.

Sokolowski, who was defended in court the interests of other Russian Evgeny Erofeev, wrote on his page in Facebook that after the transfer of the case about the murder of Grabowski to the court wanted to communicate with his former assistant Sergey Fedosenko, who resigned in early may, but was unable to get in touch with him. “By taking some measures, failed to find Sergei Fedosenko. Not communicate, in the place of residence does not appear in the latest Facebook post published at the end of July, having previously been an active user of social networks,” said Sokolowski.

According to her, Fedosenko witnessed the emergence of Grabovski at his office, accompanied by stranger men, after which the lawyer was found murdered. As reported by Sokolovsky, Fedosenko previously given testimony to the investigation, while, according to her, the witness recognized one of the suspects in the murder of Grabovski Artem Yakovenko man, who was accompanied by Grabowski that day.

Ukrainian lawyer Grabowski disappeared in early March. The last time he saw in Odessa. The body of a lawyer was found March 25 in the Cherkassy region. Later militiamen detained on suspicion in Commission of crime two young men Chmeleva and Maxim Yakovenko. Among the versions about the reasons of the murder are considered “selfish and appliances, as well as pre-planned murder”, but colleagues Grabowski associate his death with professional activities.

Citizens of Russia Alexander Yerofeyev and was detained by the Ukrainian military on may 16, 2015 near the city Happiness of the Luhansk region. Later the Goloseevsky district court of Kiev sentenced them to 14 years in prison, finding guilty of waging “aggressive war upon a preliminary collusion with a group of people”, “the conduct of terrorist activities” and several other articles. At the end of may in Moscow and in Kiev also announced the pardon and release of Alexander and Erofeeva and serving a sentence in Russia Hope Savchenko. On the same day they returned home.