A landmark event: Putin supported the holding of the year of unity of the Russian nation

Знаковое событие: Путин поддержал проведение Года единства российской нации

Russian President Vladimir Putin, speaking in Astrakhan at the meeting of the Council for interethnic relations, supported the idea of holding the Year of unity of the Russian nation, calling it “significant, unifying event.”

Also during the Board made proposals for an Amnesty for illegal migrants, the creation of a centre of training specialists in the sphere of ethno-confessional relations and the inclusion of the specialty “ethnologist-anthropologist” in the list of professions.

The year of unity

According to the President, the Year of unity of the Russian nation would be a “symbolic unifying event that would affect virtually every ethnic group, every people who lives in Russia.”

Putin lamented the fact that not all can understand, in what a beautiful country you live in, so many would be interested to meet with peoples and ethnic groups inhabiting Russia.

“These things, which we, unfortunately, do not face at home every day, but which, of course, are the basis of the Russian multinational people and, of course, are our value,” he added.

Putin also supported the development of the law on the Russian nation.

“We need to think in practical terms, to start work”, — said the President.

Inter-ethnic harmony

Putin noted that the absolute priority for Russia is international consent.

The President said that “interethnic relations is a crucial, sensitive area, it is constantly evolving, there are new problems, unfortunately, and acute challenges”. To properly and meaningful to answer them, Putin said, “we need modern and flexible solutions.”

“These are the approaches identified in the strategy of state national policy. And largely thanks to its implementation, successfully opposed to global threats such as extremism and terrorism” — Putin said.

The head of state noted the authorities ‘ intention to resist such destructive tendencies, such as erosion of traditional values and inciting ethnic hatred.

“And here the key role belongs to public spiritual unity of our people. It consists of the awareness of citizens that they have people of different nationalities a common country, they are United by common values and traditions of the great Russian culture, Russian language,” Putin added.

He recalled that according to surveys, almost 80% of Russians believe relations between people of different nationalities are friendly or normal.

Program natspolitike

The government is preparing a relevant programme, which should be a single main document for all those involved in the implementation of the strategy of national policy, Putin said.

It is, in the opinion of the President, will help with the coordination of governments implementing national policy.

In his speech Putin also drew attention to the need to preserve the traditions and customs of all the peoples of Russia and respect for religious values.

“The formation of the Russian identity — the process is complex and time-consuming. But of course it is, and in recent years is very active. The citizens ‘ perception of themselves as part of Russia, increase of responsibility for their country are becoming more sustainable,” — said the head of state.

Adaptation of migrants

The President also touched on the issue of adaptation of migrants. According to him, this sphere is now “not provided with adequate legal regulations, institutional and economic tools.”

Putin proposed to define Federal authority, which would deal with social and cultural adaptation of migrants arriving in Russia.

The President noted that the solution of this problem must take into account the need for expertise in inter-ethnic and inter-confessional relations.

“And yet, of course, they are clearly not enough,” he said.

In addition, Putin criticized the European migration policy, stressing that Russia should rely on their own experience.