A resident of Chuvashia could not stand criticism from friend and killed him

Житель Чувашии не выдержал критики со стороны знакомого и убил его

A resident of the city of Cheboksary is suspected of killing acquaintance who criticized his playing the harmonica at the present time a man is in custody, reported on Monday in the SU IC in the Chuvash Republic

According to authorities, investigators opened a criminal case under article “Murder” on 28 October after being in a dumpster near one of the houses in Cheboksary and at the city waste sorting complex were found parts of a dismembered body of a man.

“As soon as possible, the identities of both the victim and the suspect. They were residents of the city of Cheboksary at the age of 63 and 66 years, respectively… during questioning, his involvement in the murder, he did not deny”, — stated in the message.

According to the preliminary version, October 24, between pensioners after drinking alcoholic beverages, a quarrel arose from playing the harmonica. In particular, the listener was presented by the claim “about the fact that he plays the harmonica”, said SU IC.

As a result, one pensioner struck another a few blows with a claw hammer in the legs and head, and then hammer on the head. “From the got injuries the man died at the scene, and the attacker, after drinking some Valerian and went to bed” — said the investigation Department.

According to investigators, in the night from 26 to 27 October, “the attacker dismembered it (the body) with an ax, then put in the suitcases from under the bellows, and also in the bag, he then threw some of them in the trash”.

“At the request of the investigator court concerning the detainee the measure of restraint in form of detention, he was charged with committing a crime. Gun crime was discovered and seized”, — stated in the message.

Also appointed a number of forensic examinations, including medical, dactyloscopic, trasological, genetic, medical and forensic. In addition, the investigation will be checked the sanity of the suspect, adds SU SK.