Hammond glad that Carney will remain head of the Bank of England until 2019

Хаммонд рад, что Карни останется главой Банка Англии до 2019 года

Chancellor (Finance Minister) of great Britain Philip Hammond said that he was glad the head of the Bank of England Governor Mark Carney to extend their planned stay in office until 2019.

“I am very glad to hear that you intend to remain at the head of the Bank of England until the end of June 2019. This will allow you to carry out very effective leadership of the Bank in this critical period of the British economy in the process of the talks on withdrawal from the EU”, — said in a letter to Hammond, responding to the statement by Carney.

Earlier, the representative of the Prime Minister’s office said that Theresa may also supports the extension of the Carney at the head of the Bank of England.

British media, citing friends and acquaintances Carney reported that the head of the Bank of England, intending to leave his post in 2018, is willing to extend for a further three years.

May, is expected to officially launch the process of a British exit from the EU in March 2017.