In Makhachkala, the authorities promised to address the causes of mass poisoning water

В Махачкале власти обещали устранить причины массовых отравлений водой

About 200 residents of Makhachkala came to the rally after the mass poisoning, the authorities of the region during the meeting with the protesters explained the causes of water pollution and promised to eliminate the consequences of emergency in the near future, told RIA Novosti the regional government.

According to the interior Ministry of the Republic, about 200 people on Monday took to the square in the center of Makhachkala in an unauthorized rally, four people were taken to the police Department for clarification of circumstances.

“Today, dozens of citizens, dissatisfied with the quality of drinking water, gathered in the Central square of the city. The working group composed of representatives of utilities and officials of the administration gave clarification to the participants about measures on liquidation of consequences of the incident. The comprehensive work on the normalization of the quality of drinking water continues”, — said the representative of the city administration.

According to regional authorities, participants of the protest action also met first Deputy Prime Minister of Dagestan Anatoly Caribbean. During the meeting, angry residents expressed their grievances on the quality of drinking water as well as deteriorating sanitary condition of the city.

“During in-depth interviews were carefully listened to the appeals and claims of citizens; all the questions are given detailed explanations. So, in connection with the epidemiological situation for acute intestinal diseases are currently taking all the necessary measures for its stabilization: an additional chlorination of water, are all suspected foci of infection”, — told RIA Novosti the representative of the government administration of the region, noting that all the reasons that attracted the mass poisoning, in the coming period the authorities will be eliminated.

From October 27 in Makhachkala was hospitalized with signs of acute intestinal infections 438 people, including 324 children. The head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova said earlier that the reason of mass poisoning was the lack of chlorination of water. Upon poisoning law enforcement agencies initiated a criminal case.