In the hospital named after Pirogov denied a reduction in teams of vascular surgeons

В больнице имени Пирогова опровергли сокращение бригады сосудистых хирургов

The chief physician of the First Moscow city hospital Alex Light in comments to radio station “Moscow Says” denied reports about the abolition of the Department of emergency vascular surgery.

Informed surgeon Konstantin Sinjin announced in Facebook on the reduction of all doctors of the 41st branch of the mobile teams of the angiosurgeons.

The head physician Alexey Svet noted that the team is not disbanded and transferred to the ambulance service.

“No this team is not close. All teams from 2015, transferred to an ambulance. It turns out that it’s a lie,” said Light.

“Those who want, will go to the ambulance”, he added.

Light also emphasized that the leadership of the city clinical hospital №1 named after Pirogov is preparing a formal response to the reports of the disbandment of the brigade.