Johnson called for Libya to urgently provide people with electricity

Джонсон призвал Ливию срочно обеспечить людей электричеством

Libyan national unity government should within the shortest possible time to provide the population with electricity, and banks cash, said in a statement the British foreign Secretary Boris Johnson last Monday meeting on Libya with the foreign Ministers of several countries, including with U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry.

“The government of national unity is strong international support, it is considered the world’s sole legitimate government of Libya and the international community wishes him success. The situation in Libya affects not only the stability in the region, but also in the UK. Building a secure and prosperous Libya, able to withstand the regional issues in the interest of all of us,” the statement said Johnson.

“So now it is important that the government ensured the rapid progress in providing social services for the benefit of all Libyans: that the houses had electricity, and banks – cash” — said the Minister.