Prosecution demands 15 years in prison in the case of the output abroad 169 billion rubles

Обвинение требует 15 лет колонии по делу о выводе за рубеж 169 млрд рублей

Prosecutor demands to sentence the organizer of a group of underground “bankers” Sergey Magina to 15 years in prison on charges of illegal withdrawal abroad more than 169 billion rubles, RIA news from the hall of Presnensky court of Moscow.

As reported earlier, the investigative Department of the Ministry of internal Affairs, the grouping of the 400 people received from clients money, non-cash transferred to accounts of shell companies that are open in state-controlled banks, and then cashed and sent to the accounts in the Baltic States or in Cyprus.

According to militiamen, the money the band legalized, buying property, and for his services took a fee of 2%. Their total income, according to the investigation, amounted to 575 million rubles.