The Pentagon forwarded a question about humanitaro in Mosul to Iraqi authorities

Пентагон переадресовал вопрос о гумкоридорах в Мосуле властям Ирака

Press Secretary of the Pentagon Peter cook on Monday did not comment on the possibility of creating humanitarian corridors in Iraq’s Mosul for the release of civilians, redirecting a question to the authorities of that country.

A massive offensive on Mosul occupied by the group “Islamic state” (IG banned in Russia and several countries) conducted from October 17 to Iraqi military and police forces, and Kurdish forces with air support of the coalition headed by the USA. In the city, according to various estimates, there are 1-1. 5 million people.

“I suggest you talk to the Iraqis about the approaches that they undertake in terms of actions of its ground forces in terms of placing these civilians,” said cook at a press briefing.

The press Secretary reminded that the Iraqi leadership has called on Mosul residents to stay in their homes for security purposes. In addition, the region has UN staff who are engaged in the placement of refugees from villages in the vicinity of Mosul.

According to cook, the coalition forces for its part will continue to minimize the consequences of their attacks on civilians in the Mosul area.

He also added that the coalition is not engaged in the screening of refugees for their involvement in the terrorists — are engaged in power of Iraq.