The survey showed how Ukrainians perceive the activities of Poroshenko

Опрос показал, как украинцы воспринимают деятельность Порошенко

The number of Ukrainians who fully do not approve activity of the President of Petro Poroshenko, has increased by 7 points to 44%, according to a survey by the sociological group “Rating”, published on Monday.

Respondents were asked whether they approve of the President Poroshenko. Dissatisfied with it, 74% of respondents (44% — do not approve, 30% — rather do not approve of), 17% rather approve of the 3% fully approve, and 7% were undecided.

According to the previous poll of “Rating”, held in June, in bayonets perceive the President’s policies 37%. Rather disapproved of 36%, with varying degrees of support expressed 19%.

The survey was conducted in the period from 28 September to 7 October on the whole territory of Ukraine (except for uncontrolled Kiev Donbass) were interviewed 2400 adult residents of the country. The statistical error does not exceed 2%.