Director Pham wants to make a film based on his short films about the Holocaust

Режиссер Фам хочет снять фильм на основе своих короткометражек про холокост

The Russian Director Konstantin FAM said that he would like to make a feature film based on three short films of his almanac, dedicated to the victims of the Holocaust.

In Los Angeles Pham introduced American audiences a picture of “Brutus” — the second part of the anthology “Witnesses”, a full-length project consisting of three short stories dedicated to the memory of Holocaust victims. The filmmakers in this year sent the application form for participation in film award “Oscar”. The film continues the concept of the anthology and tells the tragedy through the eyes of a German shepherd named Brutus (on the short story by the Czech writer Ludwig Ashkenazi). The Nuremberg racial laws separated the dog with his beloved mistress. In the process of training and manipulation of the concentration camp becomes a brute beast-killer. The first Novella, the film “Shoes”, was released in 2012 and also participated in the struggle for “Oscar”, but was not included in the list of nominees.

“I have an idea to make this film in English, and has a feature script in order to get maximum audience, but as I originally Russian film Director, this is my first big project, and for me it is more logical to do the short film in Russian,” said Pham on the Russian film week in Los Angeles.

According to the Director, currently shooting his third novel “Violin”. The heroes of the three novels are intertwined, and at the end of the story all the characters end up in Jerusalem. Shooting is scheduled to finish this year.

“This is a memorial project, I have a very interesting mix national: father is Vietnamese and mother is Jewish, and in both families, a lot of people died in wars. When I became interested in my family history, I found many of the graves in Vietnam, but hardly found anyone on the Jewish side. So I believe if we forget this tragedy, it could happen again. I’m primarily doing this for my children,” — said the Director.