Russian search engines for three years, found the remains of 62 thousand Soviet soldiers

Российские поисковики за три года нашли останки 62 тысяч советских солдат

62 the remains of thousands of victims in the great Patriotic war of the Soviet soldiers and officers raised by activists of the Russian Search movement over the three years of its existence, told reporters on Friday the head of the movement Elena Sanaeva.

The regional offices of the movement operate in 79 constituent entities of the Russian Federation. Search operations conducted in 37 regions, where in the years of the great Patriotic war there were battles and fights.

“The plan that we had this year and the implementation of which was attended by over 1300 search teams, which consist in the Search movement of Russia, were raised remains of more than 15400 soldiers and officers of the red army. During the three years of its existence, the Russian Search movement and the activists raised the remains of 62 thousand Soviet soldiers and officers who gave their lives for our country,” said Conaeva at a press conference devoted to the joint work of the Russian military-historical society, the Search movement of Russia and the defense Ministry to perpetuate the memory of the fallen defenders of the Fatherland in 2016.

She noted that the lives that were able to clarify the search engines, much less. “But, nevertheless, we are proud of this result because everyone knows how much you have to work in order to produce each specific name. The fate of 832 defenders of the Fatherland we managed to recover this year,” said Conaeva.

During the press conference were summed up the results of a search operation in 2016, the prospects of the joint project “the Front”, which is implemented from 2014. In the framework of this project the international military-historical search expedition in the Kaluga region — “Western front” in Leningrad — “Volkhov front” in Tver — “Kalinin front”. Participated in the search engines from Russia and abroad, including adolescents, members of search groups, which annually prepares a two-week program learning the history of the great Patriotic war, teaching of the principles, methods and the forms of perpetuating of memory of victims at protection of Fatherland.