Deceased actor Eugene Lazarev will be buried in Moscow

Ушедшего из жизни актера Евгения Лазарева похоронят в Москве

People’s artist of Russia Evgeny Lazarev, known for his roles Russian characters in Hollywood blockbusters “Lord of war” and “Iron man 2” will be buried in Moscow’s Nikolo-Archangel cemetery, the date of the farewell ceremony with the actor yet known, told RIA Novosti his son Nikolai Lazarev.

“Father died this morning from cardiac arrest at the Central military clinical hospital of a name Vishnevsky in Moscow. He will be buried in the family tomb at the Nikolo-Arkhangelskoye cemetery” — said Nikolay Lazarev.

Evgeny Lazarev returned from the US to Russia about 1.5 months ago.

People’s artist of Russia, actor of theatre of the Russian army Nikolai Lazarev also said that about the farewell ceremony, he still do not know, but hopes that will help his theatre and head STD Alexander Kalyagin.

Evgeny Lazarev in the Soviet Union worked in the theater. Mayakovsky theater on Malaya Bronnaya, theater. The Moscow city Council. Played small roles in movies, including “Crime and punishment” Lev Kulidzhanov, the TV series “17 moments of spring”. In the 1990-ies he moved to the USA where he played with the Hollywood stars in the movie “Lord of war”, “Pink Panther 2”, “Iron man 2”, TV series “the West wing”, “24”, “Ambulance”.