Media: terminally ill British woman has achieved cryogenic freezing of the body

СМИ: неизлечимо больная британка добилась криогенной заморозки тела

Terminally ill 14-year-old girl from the UK in court won the right to the cryogenic preservation of his body, to awaken in the future when her illness learn to heal, writes on Friday the British newspaper the Guardian.

A teenage girl who was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, before dying, expressed the hope that new technology will allow her to live longer. “I’m only 14 years old, and I don’t want to die but I know dying. Do not wish to have me buried. I think that the cryopreservation will give me a chance to recover, waking up even after hundreds of years”, — quotes the Guardian the words of a girl from letters addressed to the court. The girl’s name was not reported, the press is known only by its initials – JS.

The girl’s parents are divorced, most of her life she lived with her mother, and since 2008 has not maintained contact with his father. The views of parents regarding the decision of the girls dispersed. The mother supported her child, the father opposed, but in the course of the proceedings the court nevertheless changed his mind and supported the daughter.

Justice Peter Jackson ruled that the girl’s mother has the sole right to decide the fate of a minor. After the court decision, the girl’s body was transported from London to the US, where it was cryogenically frozen.

The body’s storage for “unlimited period” are performed by the commercial organization Alcor in Arizona, which took over its services to 37 thousand pounds.

As the newspaper notes, the first cryopreservation was carried out in the 1960-ies, from the time this procedure was carried out only a few hundred times.