Theatre “School of modern play” will dedicate the performance to the memory of albert Filozova

Театр "Школа современной пьесы" посвятит спектакль памяти Альберта Филозова

Theatre “School of modern play” on Friday will present the new performance “the Overcoat/Coat”, which is dedicated to people’s artist of Russia albert Filozova, told RIA Novosti press-service of the theatre.

“We dedicate the show to our beloved eminent artist albert Filozova and unplayed roles, — told RIA Novosti theatre artistic Director Joseph raihelgauz. And start your story from the end, with the funeral Bashmachkin. And unwound the story — why he died Bashmachkin? This performance is not only about Bashmachkin, in General, the person who never knows where he will remain without a coat, without money…”.

In the play, which was conceived long ago, were to play a major role Bashmachkin albert Filozov, but the artist’s death broke all the plans. The theatre could not decide what to do, but because they did not want, and could not replace Filozova, it was decided to change the concept of performance in which a real person Bashmachkin, but there is his shadow, his voice, his costume is, there are people who served with him.

Akaki Akakievich Bashmachkin — clerks underpaid. Without ambition, without desires. No one likes him, no respect, everywhere only derision and resentment. But such a little man suddenly appears in the dream of a new Coat. It seems that with him will come to him luck. And here’s the Overcoat is ready, but the happiness didn’t last long.

The genre identified unusual dialogues, Opera, ballet, ice dancing. In creating the performance “the Overcoat/Coat”, along with Director Joseph Raihelgauz participated Dmitry horonko — author of the musical concept, Tatiana Anastasova — scenography and costumes, Svetlana kuzjakina — choreography. Co-author Nikolai Gogol was made by Vadim Zhuk. The play used musical themes by Maxim Dunaevsky.

The cast: Vladimir Kachan, Dmitry horonko, Anzhelika Volchkova, and Tatiana Terenina, Alexander Ovchinnikov, Ivan Mamonov and other artists of the theater “School of modern play”.

The premiere will take place on 18 and 19 November.