In Scotland, the start of the European championship in Curling

В Шотландии стартует чемпионат Европы по керлингу

The European championship in Curling in the participation of women’s and men’s national teams of Russia, starts on Saturday in the Scottish Breeched. The main task of the Federation of Russian Curling in front of the national teams is to win the vouchers for the world Cup 2017.

According to the results of the European championship in Scotland in seven women’s and men’s teams are selected for the world Championships directly, but the team that made it the eighth, will play for the right to play at the world championship with the winners of division B. Women’s world Cup 2017 will be held in March in Beijing, and the men in April in Edmonton, Canada. In 2016 and 2017 world Championships are the stages of selection for the Olympic winter games in 2018, which will be held in South Korea’s Pyeongchang. Thanks to their participation in the world Championships teams gain qualification points to get to the Olympics. At the world championship 2016 the Russian women’s team took third place, but the men’s team, competing in the experimental part, was only tenth, and now for direct access to the Games in 2018 it is necessary not just to get to the world Cup, but also to occupy a high place.

“For both teams main goal is to qualify for the world Championships who are qualified for the Olympic games and the opportunity to gain qualification points. The girls situation is simpler due to the high result at the world championship in 2016, where they scored a lot of points, and the children the situation is more complicated. If they are not win prizes or at least getting into the top five, chances to get on the Olympic games they have virtually no”, — said the Agency “R-Sport” Federation President Dmitry Svishchev.

The command of Moses a shot at medals

The results of both female and male qualifiers for the European championship first formulations of the Russian national team has unexpectedly lost the second. Team Anna Sidorova, the bronze prize-winner of the last three world Championships and the reigning European champion, with a score of 2-4 gave the team of Victoria Moiseeva, which in addition to skip included Uliana Vasilyeva, Galina Arsenkina and Julia Guzieva. Sidorova had to go to the championship as a spare, but in the end it was decided to leave the skip with his team and in the squad for the tournament in Scotland to declare Julia Portonovo.

According to coach Moses Sergei Belanova, before the Russian team at the European Championships task is to fight for medals. “No doubt, we set a goal at the first stage of the European championship to get into the top four, and continue to fight for a medal. The fact that the team Sidorova will not go to the European championship, does not mean that the Russian team put their championship credentials. We have a strong women’s Curling in principle, therefore, we are facing exactly the same problems which faced the team Sidorova,” said the specialist “f-Sport”.

In the men’s selection team Alexei Stukalskaya lost to the team of Timur Hajikhanov, and in fact – the team of Alexey Timofeeva, because the coach Alexander Kozyrev took the decision to replace skip after the first unsuccessful qualification games. The second national team is inferior to the first in the series with a score of 0-3, but eventually won 4-3.

“At first a little stalled, because I had a lack of confidence, and then feel that we are not weaker than the first team, and possibly stronger. We believed in himself and his team, slightly changed the arrangement, began to play more aggressively”, — told “R-Sport” after the victory of Hajikhanov.

The original members of the men’s team for the European championship entered Timofeev, Timur Hajikhanov, Arthur Ali and Dmitri Mironov, was a spare and skip the losers in the selection of the team – stukalskaya. However, in preparation for the tournament Mironov was injured and was replaced by Artur Razhabov. The coaching staff also decided that stukalskaya at the European Championships in Scotland will be the Vice skip of the team. Who will be on the bench, coaches should determine already in place.

The European championship in 2016 will take place literally the birthplace of Curling near Braehead is Paisley Abbey, in which books, dated 1541 year, was discovered the first annalistic mention of Curling. In the vicinity of Braehead is the town Kilsyth where there is the oldest active Curling club in the world, founded in 1716.

In division A of the European championship will take part in ten women’s and men’s teams. For the victory in the men’s tournament will compete national teams of Austria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Italy, Norway, Russia, Scotland, Sweden and Switzerland. The defending Champions of Europe are the Swedes. In the women’s tournament in the top division in addition to the winners of the European championship in 2015 the Russians will play the team of the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Italy, Norway, Scotland, Sweden and Switzerland. Matches of the group round will be held from 19 to 23 November, the matches of the playoffs – from 24 to 26 November.