Strashnov said that if the job did not specify his remuneration

Страшнов заявил, что при приеме на работу не оговаривал свое вознаграждение

The head of “Mail of Russia” Dmitry Strashnov said that when applying for a job in the company in his employment contract was not covered by the remuneration.

Prosecutors seeking the initiation of criminal proceedings in connection with the unlawful payment of remuneration Strashnova at 95.4 million rubles in 2014, said on Friday the representative of Department Alexander Kurennoy. According to the assessment of the GP, the amount of compensation was to be only 3.2 million rubles. The audit materials were sent for evaluation in the framework of criminal procedure legislation in the Committee of inquiry in respect of two of the Directors of the departments of the Ministry, took the decision on payment of the award (on the grounds of crime under article “the negligence”) and against the head of “Mail of Russia” — under article “abuse of power”.

“Agreements between me, the Minister (of communication) about any kind of amounts, a percentage was not real,” said Strashnov told reporters.

“When I’m in the story were included, and the press wrote, the public was the theme that comes the Manager from the market, and it is clear that the level of compensation should be sufficiently motivating, at least not demotivating. Had a feeling the hope was that coming into this story, at least I’ll get some sort of market based compensation – in the context again of the contractual obligations by agreement with the Ministry… did Not work”, — said the head of the company.

He noted that a contract was signed by the Minister, which FSUE “Mail of Russia”. Strashnov not agree that the Treaty is illegitimate because it is not approved by the government.

“The contract I signed with the head of the Ministry of communications. Well, what is illegitimacy? I attended the meetings at the level of Deputy Prime Minister, including government commissions in various communication topics, a member of the official delegations, the signing of contracts with their participation… somehow it’s not the whole story,” said the head of the company.