Carlsen and Karjakin played a draw in the 12th game of the match for the chess crown

Карякин и Карлсен сыграли вничью в 12-й партии матча за шахматную корону

Russian Sergey Karjakin and the current world champion Norwegian Magnus Carlsen played a draw in the 12th game of the match for the world chess crown, thus the fate of the match decided on a tie-break.

Party, in which Karjakin was playing with black pieces, ended in a draw after 30 moves. It lasted less than 40 minutes.

The total score of the match after 12 games with classical time control remained a draw — 6:6.

The world champion will be determined on November 30 on a tie-break. Carlsen and Karjakin have four parties in fast chess, and if the score remains equal, then bizmatch of the two parties. In case of a draw game is still to four of these Bliznatci, and if they do not identify a winner, you will be assigned to the deciding party, the so-called “Armageddon”, in which white has five minutes and black four. Chess player, playing white must win — in the event of a tie the champion will be playing black.