In Istanbul hosted the premiere of the works of Dostoevsky

В Стамбуле прошла премьера спектакля по произведениям Достоевского

Russian Society for cultural and business cooperation presented in Istanbul the new Russian drama theatre and the premiere performance of “Fedor”, timed to the 195th anniversary of the birth of Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky.

The performance-experiment, staged in the genre of psychological drama, was the debut of Director Olesya Deste and artists who first became acquainted with the theatrical art. The play was written specifically for the theater Studio “D. O. S. T”. There are no major and minor roles, each actor plays a major role and 12 secondary characteristic images. The play is based on the 8 works of Dostoevsky, and the figure eight symbolizes the search between perfection and infinity.

“Dost is in Turkish — friend, and this word is consonant with Dostoevsky. Hence the name of our theatre Studio. Gathered the team, who is not indifferent to theater arts. Though no professional actor in the play was not busy, our goal was the achievement of a high professional level. Initially, the idea of staging the play in parallel on two languages — Russian and Turkish. I believe that the task we handled adequately. This is the first step ahead of many new challenges. We believe that the team will continue to grow”, — told RIA Novosti Director-Director of theatre Studio “D. O. S. T” Olesya Deste.

As noted by the Chairman of the Russian Society of enlightenment, cultural and business cooperation Rima rizaeva, the atmosphere of the old theatre, the empathy of the audience of different nationalities, United by a love of Russian literature, did the Prime Minister and the special “left a philosophical aftertaste in each of touching the spiritual Testament of genius.”

The audience was pleased with the premiere. “We anxiously waited for her. Very much experienced Russian Diaspora, and the whole of Turkey over the last year. A new meeting with Dostoevsky, respect for the classics, the sincerity of the actors made a strong impression,” said one of the spectators Irina Tolmacheva.

The name of Dostoevsky is known and revered in Turkey, said a student Dilek Dylan, “We have seen once again how important it is to be closer and to understand each other through high theatrical art,” she added.